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Gargoyles    (2016)


"Mount your brooms, please." Harry clambered onto his Nimbus Two Thousand. Madam Hooch gave a loud blast on her silver whistle. Fifteen brooms rose up, high, high into the air. They were off."


                                                                                                                                – Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


Quidditch is a popular sport in the Harry Potter stories created by J.K. Rowling. A complex game played completely in the air by wizards and witches on flying broomsticks. This fantasy has become reality: a modified version of the original game is being practiced in a number of different countries. In this game the players still play with brooms, but run instead of flying. Nevertheless, the basic rules are almost completely the same.

For four months I photographed a Quidditch team in Ghent, Belgium. They call themselves the Ghent Gargoyles.

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