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"Rooted in Magic" is an ongoing documentary project in which photographer Elisa Maenhout explores modern-day witchcraft. The project offers a glimpse into the contemporary world of witchcraft, exploring the beliefs, rituals, and daily practices of those who identify as witches today. Elisa Maenhout takes photos in witches' homes to capture their lifestyles and understand how they incorporate their craft into their daily lives. 


Through these intimate images, she aims to provide insights into modern-day witchcraft and offer a better understanding of this often-misunderstood community.


Photography for de Volkskrant. In collaboration with journalist Eline Huisman. Published 06/04/2022.
Bois L'Abbé, Paris, France. 'For French presidential candidates, the 'banlieues' symbolize everything that is wrong with the country: crime, Islamic separatism, drug trafficking. In Bois l'Abbé, actor and entrepreneur Mahamadou Coulibaly portrays a different side. “This district is an example for France.”'  Translated to English from the original Dutch article by Eline Huisman

Photography for de Volkskrant. In collaboration with journalist Stan van Pelt. Published 05/07/2022. 
Namibia. 'Dutch astronomers want to set up a telescope in Namibia that will provide an even better image of black holes. Western self-interest or scientific development work?'  Translated quote from the original Dutch article by Stan van Pelt

Photography for de Volkskrant. In collaboration with journalist Sacha Kester. Published 07/06/2022. 
Masafer Yatta, Palestine. 'For years Israel has been giving the shepherds, who live in Masafer Yatta in the occupied West Bank, a hard time. Israel's Supreme Court recently ruled that they cannot stay there - after which the military destroyed their homes.'  Translated
quote from the original Dutch article by Sacha Kester.

Photography for De Morgen. In collaboration with journalist Jonas Mortier. Published 04/09/2023. 
Antwerp, Belgium. What does a day in the life of an artist look like? Rinus Van de Velde summarized one in his life in his new film A Life in A Day. We were given the opportunity to spend a day following in the artist's footsteps. “If you follow me for a day, you have seen my entire life.”  Translated quote from the original Dutch article by Jonas Mortier.