Selected publications for Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant

For French presidential candidates, the 'banlieues' symbolize everything that is wrong with the country: crime, Islamic separatism, drug trafficking. In Bois l'Abbé, actor and entrepreneur Mahamadou Coulibaly portrays a different side. “This district is an example for France.”
In collaboration with journalist Eline Huisman.  Published 06/04/2022. 

Dutch astronomers want to set up a telescope in Namibia that will provide an even better image of black holes. Western self-interest or scientific development work? 
In collaboration with journalist Stan van Pelt.  Published 05/07/2022. 

For years Israel has been giving the shepherds, who live in Masafer Yatta in the occupied West Bank, a hard time. Israel's Supreme Court recently ruled that they cannot stay there - after which the military destroyed their homes. 
In collaboration with journalist Sacha Kester.  Published 07/06/2022. 

The Israeli government is earmarking millions to quadruple the number of Jewish residents in occupied territory in the Golan Heights. One of those settlements is named after Donald Trump.
In collaboration with journalist Sacha Kester.  Published 28/08/2022. 

How pro-Russian is Bulgaria nowadays? During the election campaign, many parties avoid debates about Russia: too polarizing. Even after the invasion of Ukraine, there is still love for Russia in Bulgaria.
In collaboration with journalist Arnout le Clercq.  Published 30/08/2022.